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Call Of Duty: The Board Game Coming Soon, Kickstarter Announced

call of duty: kickstarter

Another video-game-themed large box hits Kickstarter in the form of Call of Duty: The Board Game. The game seats two or more players in a tactical, competitive battle where you take the role of elite Operators. Via the Kickstarter campaign, you can pledge for the base game as well as pledge up on additional tiers. 

The board game features high-quality miniatures of the soldiers and weapons from the video games, which you can use to play through a variety of scenarios and gameplay modes. The base game will come with multiple maps, each of which can be used in multiple modes and scenarios. 

No details on the exact play of the game have yet been revealed. However, it does involve both cards and dice, as well as placing miniatures. You will also choose your actions at the same time as your opponents. The Kickstarter campaign goes live on August 1, at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET. 

You can subscribe to the official newsletter on the Call of Duty: The Board Game website to get more info and a free K-9 Unit for your copy. If you are headed to Gen Con Indy 2023, you can play demos of the game with up to 17 other players in both standard and advanced modes.

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