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Destiny 2 Has Made It Harder To Accidentally Delete Characters

An example of the character deletion screen in Destiny 2.

It is now harder to accidentally delete characters in Destiny 2, thanks to some UI and input changes. If you select the option to delete a character, a new prompt will appear.

The pop-up warns that this action will "Delete your character completely, including all items that are equipped or in your inventory.
It will also delete any level boost applied to this character."
However, to mark that you've understood, you will input a set of key selections or button presses, rather than merely selecting yes or no.   The greater deliberation required should prevent you from accidentally selecting the delete option and clicking through. An example of the character deletion screen in Destiny 2.
 As for other recent updates in Destiny 2, Season 21's mid-season patch launched July 18. The exotic Wicked Implement got a buff, a variety of weapon updates were introduced, and changes in Crucible should prevent spawning into firefights.
 The patch also began the Solstice seasonal event, where players can earn new weapons, armor, and cosmetics.

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