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Neopets Gets New Management, Ditches NFTs And Crypto

Neopets is back! At least, that's what the new leadership team in charge of the classic old-internet pet collecting game has promised. 

In a lengthy blog post, The Neopets Team (TNT) announced that Neopets is once more in the hands of an independent company--after years of mismanagement from various parent companies--and ready to start a new era. 

The new company is called World of Neopia, Inc, and will run under the leadership of Dominic Law, the former head of the unpopular crypto-centric spinoff, Neopets Meta. 

The new team is made up of employees from across Neopets and Neopets Metaverse, with Law named as the person who bargained with parent company NetDragon to save Neopets through a management buyout deal.

Now, Neopets is independent again, and the new leadership has big plans for the once great site. For starters, the team has promised to get on top of maintenance that is many years overdue, namely fixing up old Flash games and pages that have been broken for years. 

TNT is also working on adding new content to the site, including a new plot called The Void Within which will launch in early 2024 to celebrate Neopets' 25th anniversary. 

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