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Remnant 2: How To Move The Giant Bird In The Far Woods

Remnant II is filled with epic showdowns against challenging bosses, but it may not always be an enemy giving you a hard time. If you're exploring The Far Woods of Yaesha and have stumbled upon a giant bird blocking your access to an item, you're probably wondering how to get it to move. 

We'll tell you below. How to move the giant bird in Remnant II You'll find a big bird up a massive, winding tree somewhere during your travels through The Far Woods, and no amount of shooting, emoting, or cursing will get this avian obstacle to move.

Instead, you'll actually need to return to this spot after making some progress in Yaesha. Come back to this location after defeating The Mother Mind. Continue your journey through the biome until you face off against a boss called The Mother Mind. 

Once it has been defeated, you can now return to the location where you encountered the giant bird to find that it has moved from its perch, giving you access to the item left behind. Good riddance! 

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