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Remnant 2: How To Solve The Lemark District Clock Puzzle

Remnant 2:

If you've stumbled upon a giant clocktower on your travels through Remnant II, you've probably noticed it's missing a gear, which you'll only find by solving a clock puzzle in another area called Lemark District. 
Once you've arrived in this dark and mysterious district and found the clock, though, you're going to need to set it at a specific time. We'll tell you how below. How to set the clock in the Lemark District The Lemark District is a small area that simply leads down to a room filled with clocks, and inside on the back wall is a specific clock you can set.
You'll need to adjust both of the hands to the appropriate time to complete the puzzle. This clock needs to be set to a specific time to complete the puzzle. 
When you're ready to set the clock, interact with it and begin adjusting the hands. Move the short hand to the big upper left circle, then move the long hand to the second small dot beneath the far right big circle. Reference the photo below for the exact placements. 

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