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Remnant 2: Morrow Parish Sanatorium Safe Combination

There are quite a few creepy locations in Remnant II, but few are as eerie as the Sanatorium located in Morrow Parish. 

There are a lot of secrets to uncover while exploring this unsettling hospital, but if you've stumbled upon a combination lock you just can't seem to crack, we'll give you the details below. 

How to unlock the safe in the Morrow Parish Sanatorium As you look around the Sanatorium in Morrow Parish, you'll stumble across a lot of interesting items and secrets, including a locked safe located within one of the hospital offices that requires a four-digit combination. 

The code is actually part of the song sung by the deranged doctor in the basement of the hospital: "Two shiny copper teeth removed from nine discarded combs, and seven yellowed leaves excised from one forgotten tome.

 Having listened carefully to the lyrics of the song, we can ascertain that the combination is 2971. You don't need to visit the deranged doctor to access the safe, though, so feel free to simply head directly to the chest and put in the code whenever you'd like. Continue Reading at GameSpot

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