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Review Roundup For Pikmin 4

Leave it to Nintendo to deliver another critically acclaimed entry in a long-running franchise. First, it was The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in May, and now, the company has apparently released another standout with Pikmin 4. It's the first new mainline addition to the real-time strategy series in a decade.

On GameSpot sister site Metacritic, Pikmin 4 currently sits with an 88 metascore based on 65 reviews. Critics are giving the Switch exclusive high marks and mentioning how well the game guides new players into the franchise. For those unfamiliar, you pluck up basically an army of different sorts of plant-like creatures called Pikmin. You then utilize them to navigate your environment and collect objects. 

GameSpot's Pikmin 4 review noted that the strategy title is at its best when leaning into more relaxing aspects. Steve Watts wrote: "Pikmin 4 is a game, sure, but it's also a sort of low-impact activity that gives you the same satisfaction of checking off a list of small, relatively simple tasks. 

That makes it pleasant to play, but that quality also makes it feel discordant when it briefly adds elements that provide a mild but noticeable degree of pressure--elements that make it more traditionally 'game-like.

'" Watts added that he completed the campaign in about 30 hours, though how long it'll take to beat Pikmin 4 will vary by your playstyle. 

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