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Arcade1Up Reveals Time Crisis And 3 Other Arcade Cabinets

After plenty of leaks and rumors, Arcade1Up has officially revealed its upcoming Time Crisis cabinet. The unit will arrive later this year and costs $750. It’s an authentic recreation of the iconic arcade shooter, complete with two light guns, a vibrant screen, and premium built-in speakers. Arcade1Up also announced new $500 deluxe-edition cabinets of a trio of staples: Galaga, Street Fighter II, and Atari 50th Anniversary.

Time Crisis is the main attraction of Arcade1Up’s latest product, but that’s not the only game you’ll be able to play. Here’s a look at the four titles preinstalled on the cabinet:

  • Time Crisis
  • Point Blank
  • Steel Gunner
  • Steel Gunner 2

Keep in mind that this is the original Time Crisis from 1995--not one of the many sequels you’ll often find in modern arcades. However, the first in the series is often regarded as the best, so if you haven’t had a chance to experience the game that kickstarted the genre, this is the best way to check it out.

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