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Cross-Play Games Might Soon Become Even More Common, Thanks To Epic

Epic Games, which was one of the first companies behind the effort to push for cross-play across consoles, is now going further and launching its cross-play overlay for Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. Although this doesn't mean a bunch of additional games will suddenly support cross-play, Epic is providing developers with the tools to more easily make it happen. That could mean cross-play becomes even more common in the future.

Epic's cross-play overlay for PC launched about a year ago, in June 2022. This allowed developers and players alike to connect their games and communities across Epic and Steam.

"Crossplay enables bigger games, bigger audiences, and growth for the global games industry. With the added support for the major console platforms, Epic Online Services now enables you to connect more players with a single overlay," Epic said about the console cross-play overlay.

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