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David Harbour Says Alone In The Dark Was "Limited" In Scope, Wants To Do A "Full" Motion-Capture Game

Actor David Harbour has commented on his experience making the video game Alone in the Dark, saying it was "limited in scope" when it comes to performance capture. 

He also stated that he would love to be in a game with a more "full-born" performance capture setup, something like the kind of games that God of War designer Cory Barlog is known for.

Appearing on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Harbour started off by discussing his involvement with the new Alone in the Dark game. He stars in it alongside actress Jodie Comer. But they never met on the project. Asked if Harbour got to work with Comer on the game, Harbour said, "Not at all."

"It was so tragic that I didn't. I'm really curious to see how it turned out," he said, going on to say Alone in the Dark is a "wacky franchise." He said it's been through so many different iterations over the years, and some of the games have been "terrible."

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