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Destiny 2 Is Tweaking Monte Carlo And Several Other Exotics For Season 20

With a new season fast approaching in Destiny 2, Bungie has revealed some of the weapon changes that players can expect following the Season 22 update. 

For the most part, this update dives into some very granular details about weapon fall-off damage, reticles, and fine-tuning: content that will appeal to any fan of numbers.

Where things get interesting is in the Exotics and special-ammo weapons departments, as some interesting changes--and nerfs--are scheduled to go live next season. First off, some bad news for anyone running a Guardian build that specializes in wielding two special-ammo weapons.

Bungie has been monitoring a bug that is unintentionally caused by equipping two of these weapons, which results in heavy ammo dropping at an increased rate. 

This exploit is being patched out, and you can expect heavy ammo to be generated at the same rate as a balanced spread of weapon ammo archetypes.

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