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Destiny 2: Season Of The Witch Seasonal Challenges Guide - Week 1

Season of the Witch has begun in Destiny 2, adding new matchmade activities, gear, and storylines to take part in. One of the big draws of a new season in Destiny 2 is that progress can unlock some terrific rewards on the premium and free tracks of the season pass, and one of the quickest ways to earn a substantial amount of XP is to complete seasonal challenges. Each week adds several of these optional objectives to the game, which primarily focus on the new matchmade activity, completing a new chapter of the ongoing storyline, and taking on enemies across the Solar system.

To kick off the first week of Season 22, you can dive into the first chapter of The Bladed Path quest. This gets you up to speed on recent events, introduces you to the new Altars of Summoning activity, and ends with a big showdown against Hive and Vex forces that were subjected to experiments by Savathun. After you complete that activity, you can keep playing Altars of Summoning to earn more XP by opening chests in that event or in Savathun's Spire.

If you're confident in your aim, equip a scout or sniper rifle and start landing precision headshots to complete the Precision Calibration challenge, get multikills to generate Orbs of Power in Vanguard, Gambit, or Crucible playlists for another pursuit, and collect offerings across the system to earn some bonus XP. As a reminder, completing every seasonal challenge will award you with a bonus--and substantial--amount of Bright Dust, that can then be used on some great cosmetic items, like weapon ornaments, Exotic sparrows, and emotes.

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