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Halo Infinite Update Lets You Turn Off Personal AI Chatter, Adds A New Map

Halo Infinite's newest update has arrived, and among other things, it allows players to toggle off their personal AI--which is great news for those who found the AI to be too talkative for their liking.

The Halo Infinite settings menu now has a Personal AI Chatter option that allows players to choose whether or not they want the AI to speak during multiplayer matches. Halo Infinite's Personal AI speaks to players and gives them advice and witty comments about ongoing matches. That's all well and good for people who want that, but now the chatter can be turned off entirely as an option.

Halo Infinite players can now toggle off Personal AI chatter
Halo Infinite players can now toggle off Personal AI chatter

In addition to the Personal AI toggle, the Halo Infinite update adds a new multiplayer map, Dredge, which is now available in Custom Games and matchmaking playlists. Dredge was made using Halo Infinite's Forge tools and is inspired by the Countdown map for Halo: Reach. Players interested in trying out the map can jump into the Dredge 24/7 playlist, which is available through August 22.

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