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Hori's Officially Licensed Switch Racing Wheel Is On Sale At Amazon

Microsoft has Forza Motorsport on Xbox, PlayStation gamers can get behind the wheel of Gran Turismo, but what do Nintendo Switch owners have when they feel a need for speed? A surprising number of great racing games, and ones that'll feel even better when you use a proper racing wheel to burn rubber around corners. Over on Amazon, Hori's official Nintendo Switch racing wheel is now on sale, and has been discounted to $95.

This is a full-size racing wheel that comes with pedals, providing an authentic simulation of motor sports on your Switch, or at the very least, making each turn that much more intense in a round of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (available for $45 at Walmart). It has a 180-degree and 270-degree turn radius with adjustable output options, it can be safely mounted to a surface thanks to the built-in clamps, and it has Nintendo's seal of approval. Aside from the included face and shoulder buttons, D-pad, and other Switch inputs, the racing wheel comes with rear flappy paddles for when you need to quickly change gears.

Hori Nintendo Switch Racing Wheel Pro Deluxe
Hori Nintendo Switch Racing Wheel Pro Deluxe

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