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How Long To Beat Starfield

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Starfield is massive. That much you could have guessed. But if you're wondering how long it takes to beat in terms of earthly hours, well that depends on how much you want to see. Estimates can range drastically based on your preferred play style, meaning you could be done in short order and ready to see what else there is to play in September 2023, or you could make it the only game you play for weeks or even months to come and probably not run out of things to do. Here's what you need to know about the playtime for Starfield, its mission list, and more.

How long to beat Starfield

Like a lot of RPGs, especially from Bethesda Game Studios, your total playtime in Starfield is largely dependent on how much you want to get out of it. If you were only to play the main missions, you could feasibly beat the game in about 12-15 hours, give or take a few hours in either direction. However, that doesn't account for so much more the game has to offer, which we'll detail below. It's also likely that few people excited to play Starfield would ever consider playing that way, so one of these subsequent estimates may be more your style.

A more typical playthrough of Starfield--one which includes the main questline as well as a number of side quests and faction-related questlines, would take a typical player somewhere around 45-70 hours, and of course even that is not everything.

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