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It's Good That Sabine Is Bad At The Force On Ahsoka

On the TV show that bears her name, Ahsoka Tano is trying to train Sabine Wren in the ways of the Force. But Sabine struggles to feel the Force, and she's an impossibly long way away from being able to jump 50 feet in the air or do any Jedi mind tricks or lift rocks mentally. Ahsoka's droid Huyang says Sabine has the least potential he's ever seen in a Jedi candidate. But Sabine keeps trying anyway. I like that. Not the perseverance, which is a common trope across all media, but specifically having a main character be completely useless with the Force despite trying really hard not to be. That's not how this story usually goes in the live-action portion of the Star Wars universe, and it certainly wasn't with Disney's sequel trilogy. Rey, for example, successfully does a mind trick on a stormtrooper despite knowing nothing about the Force--her ability with the Force was inherent, not learned or trained, and she simply needed the right inspiration to unlock it. While Rey was not a well-written character, she wasn't that different than the other Jedi we know. Luke and Anakin are similarly portrayed as being massively powerful from the start--they need training to hone the potential that is self-evidently already present. They don't become powerful. They just are powerful. Continue Reading at GameSpot

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