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Nicki Minaj Is Now In Call Of Duty With Some Epic Finishing Moves And Voice Lines

The Nicki Minaj Operator bundle is now available for purchase in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare II, bringing the singer and actress to Call of Duty for the first time.

The bundle includes Minaj as a playable Operator, as well as items themed around her and her favorite color: pink. These items include a special loading screen, the "Nicki Whip" vehicle skin, and "The Baddest" and "Super Freaky" weapon blueprints.

She has a tracer pack, too, which makes bullets look pink. Her finishing moves involving leaping into the air and killing her enemies with her high heels and chopping her foes with a well-placed slam to the neck. Some of her voice lines in the game include, "Trust me, you want this bad bitch on your side" and "You're dead, bitch!"

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