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Overwatch 2 brings John Cena into the game as the mysterious Enigma

Overwatch 2 has revealed its collaboration with John Cena through the Enigma reveal trailer. The post Overwatch 2 brings John Cena into the game as the mysterious Enigma

The Overwatch 2 collaboration with WWE superstar John Cena has finally been confirmed as the recently released Enigma reveal trailer includes the invisible man himself featured as the mysterious character. Over the past few weeks, several teasers for the game’s next season often included references to the hooded figure and with its launch closer than ever, Blizzard has apparently decided to ramp up the excitement even more with this revelation.

With the Overwatch 2 Season 6 release date closer than ever, Blizzard has predictably begun ramping up its marketing efforts for what they’re calling their “most exciting season yet.” Their partnership with a pop culture icon, along with the plethora of new modes and features included with the next update, further solidifies their intention to make the game’s next chapter as palatable as possible to a wider audience.

Of course, most Overwatch 2 fans will predictably be surprised at this unlikely crossover as John Cena hasn’t exactly shown a proclivity for video games throughout his storied career. But as mentioned before, many of the Invasion previews that had been released in weeks prior had already been hinting at the You Can’t See Me rapper, which eventually led to the wrestler-turned-actor himself revealing it through an Overwatch stream-themed post on his official Instagram account.

Naturally, the addition of John Cena to the Overwatch 2 lore isn’t the only thing that this update has going for it as several feature additions, including the new Hero Mastery mode, a new core PvP mode called Flashpoint, a new co-op event, and more. If you want to learn more about all of the new goodies arriving with the next update, you can check out Blizzard extensive blog post. Alternatively, you can check out our Overwatch 2 tier list and recommendations for best laptop for Overwatch 2 instead.

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