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Starfield Already Has A Funko Pop, And It Is Adorable

There's a galaxy to explore in Starfield, and if you're dreading the idea of navigating through the endless void of space on your own, this adorable robot companion is perfect company. This new limited-edition Funko Pop of VASCO, your loyal expeditionary robot in Starfield, is now available for preorder and will cost $18, with a shipping date of February 2024. This collectible will be available in limited numbers, according to Funko, and purchases are limited to three per customer.


Like other Funko Pop toys, this little replica of VASCO is made from vinyl materials, has a big head, and an unblinking eye that's always watching you. Always. Unlike those figures, this design actually works really well and makes VASCO look adorable, while the white, red, and yellow paint on top of its frame gives it a nice visual pop. In Starfield, VASCO will accompany players on planetary expeditions and is described as a "standard type-8 bipedal chassis" that can carry all of a player's survival gear.

Primarily a peaceful assistant, VASCO can defend players as a last resort if necessary. VASCO's name is likely a reference to Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, the first European to reach India by sea in 1498. More Starfield merchandise is available right now if you want to get your gaming setup perfectly themed for Bethesda's space exploration game when it launches in early access on September 1.

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