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Starfield Is "Critically Important" For Game Pass, Xbox Says

Starfield Is "Critically Important" For Game Pass, Xbox Says https://ift.tt/FexPW3w

Starfield is "critically important" for Xbox Game Pass, according to Microsoft's Jerret West. He told GI.biz that there is "no question" that Starfield will play a role in driving new subscribers to Game Pass, though the company also expects standard purchases to be strong as well.

"[Starfield] certainly will drive Game Pass subscriptions [and] it will certainly drive a lot of base game purchases, because it really does come down to just the purchase preference," West said.

West, a former Netflix executive, went on to say that a big game like Starfield might bring people into the Game Pass fold and then once they're subscribed, they might play more games in the catalog and spend more time on the Xbox platform overall. That's the aim for a subscription service like Game Pass, he said.

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