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SteamWorld Build Releases In December, Gets Simultaneous Game Pass Launch

SteamWorld Build will launch on December 1; it releases on Xbox Game Pass the same day. The city-builder is the the latest in the genre-eclectic series from Thunderful Development.

A new trailer, announcing the release date, shows off the game's town construction and mining operations, as well as flickers of its narrative. In order to build a rocket to a brighter world, you'll have to mine resources, construct buildings, fend off enemy monsters, and find ancient spaceship parts. The game is broadly split into two parts. You'll build out your town on the surface of the planet and dive below to oversee mining. On the surface, you will build housing, entertainment complexes, shops, and everything else your workers need to survive and thrive.

Below ground, you'll build out mining infrastructure like tunnels and break rooms. You can also construct armories and defense turrets to help your Steambots defend the mine from giant insects and carnivorous plants. As you clear ground, you will dig up ancient machinery to help you build your rocket to the stars.

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