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This Demonic Archive Is A Demon's Souls Treasure Trove

This Demonic Archive Is A Demon's Souls Treasure Trove https://ift.tt/OJrLI3a

From Software's Souls series has some of the finest lore in video games, and while the numerous characters, stories, and worlds have been dissected for years in robust videos and podcasts, nothing compares to a good book. For anyone looking to dive into the legends of Demon's Souls, the Demonic Archive from Tune & Fairweather looks like a classy way to spend an evening reading up on the secrets of the Sixth Archstone, the fall of King Allant, and the mysteries of the Nexus.

Available for preorder and priced at $87, Demonic Archive: The Mythology of Demon's Souls is a comprehensive excavation of the game's lore and universe, and is authored by Lokey, the scholar behind Abyssal Archive: The Mythology of Dark Souls. Two versions of the book will be available, a standard edition with a board-reinforced die-cut slipcase, and the Armored Edition that features a brushed-steel slipcase, with shipping expected to begin in 2024.

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