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Weeks After Releasing An Acclaimed Game, A 15-Year-Old Studio Is Shutting Down

Developer Mimimi has announced that Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew will be its final game, as the studio will be shutting down over the next couple of months. In a blog post, Mimimi explained that a variety of reasons led to its decision to close up shop, with the "increased financial pressure and level of risk" in producing a video game being a big factor. As Mimimi explained, crafting any video game requires an extraordinary amount of energy and passion, resources that ultimately pulled developers away from their loved ones and families.

"Making these games was amazing and extremely taxing at the same time. Reaching the level of quality Mimimi strives for is hard and requires focus and dedication," studio founders Dominik Abe and Johannes Roth wrote, less than two weeks after the launch of Shadow Gambit.

"We also have to acknowledge that our future production costs are growing faster than potential revenues of our genre. The increased financial pressure and level of risk became unsustainable. Additionally, whenever our games got close to release and were finally fun to play, a new fight for funding of the following projects started, making this a continuous cycle."

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