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You Can Play GTA 5 On A Smartwatch With Xbox Cloud Gaming Apparently

Turns out you can play games like GTA 5 or Halo 5 on your smartwatch, via the Xbox Cloud Game service. In a video from 2021 that is now making the rounds, the YouTube channel Cloud Gaming Xtreme posted a tutorial and demo showing off GTA 5 and Halo 5 Guardians on the pint-sized smart device.

The video shows the games running on the Kospet Prime 2 Android smartwatch. The person running the tutorial pairs their Xbox controller with the smartwatch via Bluetooth.

 They then open Game Pass via the Chrome app on the smartwatch, select a game, and start playing. They even show off playing Dead Cells with touch controls, though the small screen makes them a little difficult to use. The circular screen cuts off some of the frame as well, though the video claims the latency is negligible.

If you wanted to try this yourself, you'll need an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, a compatible smartwatch, and a fast internet connection. Keep in mind that your choices are limited by what's on Game Pass currently and what is available to play on the Cloud itself, though it's difficult to imagine anyone playing games on their watch for anything other than the novelty.

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