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Apex Legends Studio Respawn Has "Very Exciting Projects" In The Works

EA CEO Andrew Wilson has teased that there are some exciting upcoming projects in the works for Respawn Entertainment, while speaking at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia + Technology Conference 2023, Video Games Chronicle reports. 
Wilson also touted EA's purchase of Respawn "maybe one of the most incredible acquisitions ever done in the industry." Speaking on the subject of acquisitions, Wilson said that EA has only done "a few" acquisitions, and called out its 2017, $455 million purchase of Respawn as potentially one of the best in the industry. 
The EA CEO praised Respawn's ongoing work on Apex Legends, as well as its continued success with the Star Wars Jedi series. 
"They're an incredible team and they've created incredible value for us, for our shareholders, and certainly for these global communities of players across Apex and the Jedi series," Wilson said. "And you should imagine that there's some other things going on at Respawn that we're very excited about, that we're not going to talk about but that we're very excited about just given the quality of that group." Continue Reading at GameSpot

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