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Soulframe Is Heavily Inspired By Princess Mononoke, Studio Ghibli, And Ico

Originally announced in 2022, Digital Extremes' foray into a new live-service intellectual property is Soulframe. The mainly Canadian developer is known for its work on the Unreal franchise, Dark Sector, The Darkness II, and Warframe, which has just celebrated its 10-year anniversary with TennoCon 2023. Soulframe's conceptual design and inspirations are incredibly different from the studio's past work--this time being heavily influenced by real-world cultures of color and by Studio Ghibli (in particular, Princess Mononoke), Earthbound, and Ico. Soulframe's gameplay is much slower than that of Warframe. Whereas Warframe is known for its action-packed, frenzied, double-bullet-jumping mechanics, Soulframe is more precise and grounded, where the weight of your attacks needs to be understood carefully from the start of your sword swing to the end of it. 
Encounters require a planned-out approach rather than going in with the rushed elegance Warframe is known for. Soulframe will have you fighting several enemies at once with clearer and more animated indicators of dodging, strafing, and rolling away in these more intimate fights. "Off the bat, it really is a lot more forgiving than it looks. 
Our goal is to not make something that's like hardcore Bloodborne-type combat. It is more methodical--[fewer] enemies on screen. You have time to think what you're going to do--that's less adrenaline, less shooting, obviously," creative director Steve Sinclair explained. Continue Reading at GameSpot

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