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Starfield - All Powers And How To Unlock Them

You can acquire over 20 Force-like powers in Starfield. The mechanic itself is initially part of the main quest. Later, though, you might find a few via sandbox free-roaming. Our Starfield powers guide discusses how you can unlock these abilities by visiting temples on distant planets. Likewise, please be reminded that this article contains spoilers.
 Table of Contents [hide] All unlockable powers in Starfield How to locate temples All unlockable powers in Starfield The Starfield powers become available during a mission called Into the Unknown. At the start, you'll look for additional artifact pieces.
 However, at the end of the quest, you're told to head to Procyon III. How to locate temples Upon checking Procyon III on the map, you'll see an anomaly site. Land, check your surroundings, and look for an ancient temple in the distance. Continue Reading at GameSpot

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