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Starfield Companion Death - Can You Save All Characters?

You might be wondering if you can save your companion in Starfield. No, we're not talking about anyone getting downed due to relentless attacks from alien beasts, or because they started floating around randomly. We're talking about a more drastic incident that occurs in A High Price to Pay. 
Our guide discusses everything you need to know about this moment, as well as the workarounds we've tried. Likewise, please be reminded that this article contains spoilers. Can you save your companion in Starfield The Starfield companion in question is the one that dies in A High Price to Pay (we told you there would be spoilers). The quest itself requires you to choose between two locations: The Lodge or The Eye. A companion in the location that you didn't choose will perish.
 As of the time of this writing, we're unable to confirm what actually affects the choice of companion. We do believe that it might be due to the affinity system--i.e. the companions with the two highest approvals/relationship levels will be chosen at that stage. One of them will die to make for a more impactful moment in the story. Continue Reading at GameSpot

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