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Starfield New Game Plus Guide - Everything You Need To Know

The Starfield New Game Plus mode is quite a surprise. That's because it's the first Bethesda game to have one. Moreover, its integration into the campaign and narrative is very interesting and well done, too. Our guide discusses what you can expect from Starfield's New Game Plus mode, with all its quirks and changes. Also, it goes without saying that this article contains spoilers. 
What to expect from New Game Plus mode in Starfield You can try the Starfield New Game Plus mode once you've completed the Revelations final mission. 
Once you decide to go to the Unity to see the endings, you're given a choice: If you walk toward the Unity (i.e. the big sparkly orb in the center), you'll begin your New Game Plus run as a Starborn in an "alternate" universe. If you walk away from the Unity, back to the edge of the area (i.e. the darkness), you'll return to your ship and you'll be able to continue your exploration in the "main" universe. 
Step into the big, shiny ball to begin your New Game Plus run. What carries over in New Game Plus The Starfield New Game Plus feature lets you carry over the following: Continue Reading at GameSpot

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