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Reports Reveal What Went Wrong With Sega's Hyenas, Plus Details On Neil Blomkamp's Involvement

Creative Assembly's upcoming PVPVE shooter Hyenas was abruptly cancelled by Sega last week as part of a company-wide restructuring. Now, insider reports have revealed some other elements that contributed to the shooter's downfall. Hyenas was Sega's attempt to break into the sometimes lucrative, but already saturated live service game market. Total War YouTuber Volound published an insider report about what happened to the game, with accounts corroborated by Video Games Chronicle. Volound says he's spoken to "multiple whistleblowers," mostly made up of "pissed off developers that want to see some accountability and honesty." The reports speak of more unique concepts watered down for mass appeal, a difficult engine change halfway through the project, and an overall lack of direction on what the game was actually meant to be. Continue Reading at GameSpot

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