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Fortnite OG Map Changes: Chapter 1 Map Returns In Chapter 4 Season 5

After years of hope, Fortnite fans got what they've been asking for: The Chapter 1 map is back. With the launch of Fortnite OG, aka Chapter 4 Season 5, this one-month-long season reverses course and puts players on the Chapter 1 map with major weekly changes. Here's how it's all going to work. Fortnite Chapter 1 Map returns in Season 5 form, but it won't last long. This shortened version of a Fortnite season will include weekly hotfixes (patches you don't have to download) that will reimagine the island every single week for the next month. On November 9, the island will resemble that from Chapter 1 Season 6. The following week, the island will become a mash-up of Seasons 7 and 8 from that first chapter. Finally, in the season's final week, the island will become akin to what players may have experienced during Chapter 1 Season 9 and 10, or X, as it was called at the time. Continue Reading at GameSpot

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