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The Talos Principle 2 Sphinx Statue Guide - All Sphinx Puzzles And Stars

The Talos Principle 2 has its fair share of secrets, and chief among them are the special extra puzzles hiding in each of the game's 12 main areas.

Snoop around a big and you'll find large statues, or monuments, to each of the game's three spectral characters: Pandora, Prometheus, or the Sphinx.

Figuring out how to solve these riddles rewards you with stars, which are essential to unlocking some of the game's most interesting secrets. The Sphinx's puzzles aren't quite as tough as those tied to the Pandora statues, but they can still be vexing.

They generally require you to find specific locations in the area and to do some spatial reasoning. Figuring out exactly where the game wants you to go can be confusing, especially since there's no overarching map you can use to find your way.

Here's a complete guide to solving every one of the Sphinx monuments to help you navigate the puzzles and unlock everything the game has to offer. 

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