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Samsung Reveals 3D Monitor That Can Play VR Games Without A Headset

Samsung has revealed a new monitor in development with the working title Samsung 2D/3D Gaming Monitor, which boasts a 3D mode that doesn't require glasses.

The monitor also has the ability to play VR games without a headset, with Samsung stating it's compatible with existing VR games and experiences.

The monitor is still in development, but Samsung took the opportunity to show off the new technology at its First Look event ahead of CES in Las Vegas this weekend. 

Built into the monitor are two cameras to track eye and head movement, which in 3D mode are used to optimize 3D effects. The 3D mode can also be used to enhance other content, and the monitor features a specialized UI for browsing in 3D.

The monitor's eye tracking technology also lends itself to playing VR games without requiring a dedicated VR headset, with the monitor able to handle "existing VR games, experiences, and content." Samsung says the monitor is compatible with Steam VR, and that it's in the process of securing partnerships for 3D gaming content from as-yet unnamed "notable gaming publishers." Continue Reading at GameSpot

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