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Watch Jason Statham Beat Up Baddies With Office Supplies In New Beekeeper Clip

For over 20 years Jason Statham has made out-of-the-box action movies with iconic fight scenes and eventually became an action movie icon in his own right. In his newest film, The Beekeeper, Statham is Mr. Clay, a former operative from a secret organization known as The Beekeepers. When Clay's friend (Phylicia Rashad) commits suicide after falling victim to a phishing scam, he sets out to exact revenge against the company behind the widespread scams. Statham has carved out the action movie genre by doing more irreverent films like Crank and The Mechanic, The Beekeeper looks to help him keep that reputation by having a fight scene in an office space. Even unarmed, Clay takes down bad guys with office chairs and a phone. Check out the scene below. "I'm a beekeeper," Statham explains as he prepares to unleash his own sting while pouring gasoline over computers. "I protect the hive. Sometimes I use fire to smoke out hornets." Continue Reading at GameSpot

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