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Day One PS Plus Game Foamstars Reveals Roadmap

Foamstars, the upcoming Splatoon-like PlayStation shooter by Square Enix, has revealed that it will have ongoing seasonal content, with new seasons arriving roughly every 5 weeks. 
Running on such a short timeframe, it's good the developers already have six of those seasons mapped out in a roadmap that was shared today.

Arriving on February 6 as a PlayStation Plus free game for all membership tiers, Foamstars will be kicking off its first season, Starry Pop, straight off the bat. The initial season will include two time-limited ranked party events--a solo mode called Lonestar, and a team-based event called Tribe-Vibe.

In these events, players can spend Rank Points (RP) to play in a 5-round match for the chance to win even more RP. Players can climb the ranks by earning enough RP to undertake a Rank-Up Trial in the hopes of reaching the next ranked tier.

Another limited-time event is Extreme Party, which this season will include two exclusive game modes--All Mel T Party, where, as it sounds, all players will play as the character Mel T, and Invisible Mode, where all players are invisible for the duration of the game. 

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