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Upcoming Elden Ring Figma Figure Comes With Iconic Raging Wolf Armor

A new Elden Ring Figma action figure is on the way, this time inspired by the game's flagship armor set, Raging Wolf. Fans will recognize the outfit as the armor worn by the player character, The Tarnished, in trailers and official gameplay videos. Like other Figma collectibles, the 6.5-inch Elden Ring Raging Wolf figure features highly detailed filigree on the armor and accessories and plenty of articulation for posing. Preorder at Entertainment Earth If you've played Elden Ring, you know how much customization the game affords players, letting them create their own builds based on the many weapons, spells, and abilities they collect while exploring The Lands Between, and the Raging Wolf figure pays homage to that build variety by including several weapon accessories based on in-game armaments like the Bastard Sword, Iron Roundshield, Twinblades, and Dark Moon Greatsword, as well as the Torch and Flask of Crimson Tears items. The Iron Roundshield and Bastard Sword scabbard can be attached to the figure's back. It also includes an action base for added stability. Continue Reading at GameSpot

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