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The Best PS5 Controller In 2024

Best PS5 controller DualSense Wireless Controller See at Amazon See at Best Buy See at Walmart Best Pro-style PS5 controller (Tie) DualSense Edge See at Amazon Best Pro-style PS5 controller (Tie) Victrix Pro BFG See at Amazon Best PS5 fight pad Razer Raion See at Walmart Best PS5 fight stick (tie) Victrix Pro FS-12 See at Amazon Best PS5 fight stick (tie) Razer Kitsune See at Amazon Best PS5 racing wheel Logitech G923 See at Amazon Best PS5 flight stick Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS 4 See at Amazon Best for streaming movies and TV on PS5 PlayStation Media Remote See at Amazon Best For Remote Play PlayStation Portal See at Amazon See at Best Buy Best For Budget Remote Play Backbone One (2nd Gen) See at Amazon While the PlayStation 5 has many great features, one of the best is its DualSense controller. The latest iteration of Sony's gamepad is not only comfortable to hold, it also packs tons of innovative features that boost immersion while playing. For a long time, the DualSense was the only PS5 controller worth recommending, but in 2024, PS5 users finally have a few more options, including the long-awaited DualSense Edge, PlayStation's first-party pro controller. The DualSense Edge isn't the only competitive controller worthy of being deemed one of the best PS5 controllers. PDP's Victrix Pro BFG, an officially licensed controller with a similar focus, is a strong competitor that offers different features that may appeal to you. Whether you're looking for the best PS5 controller for general use (spoiler: It's the DualSense) or options for fighting games, racing games, and streaming Netflix, there are a handful of great controllers we recommend using with the PS5 from reliable brands like Logitech, Razer, and Thrustmaster. And of course, we're taking a look at the growing lineup of competitive controllers that give PS5 users more customization features. For more recommendations, see the best Switch controllers and best Xbox controllers for 2024. Continue Reading at GameSpot

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