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Apex Legends Trailer Reveals Season 21's Dimension-Hopping New Legend

Apex Legends Season 20: Breakout is nearing its end, and today, developer Respawn Entertainment gave players a taste of what's coming in Season 21 via a new episode of Stories From The Outlands, entitled Based On A True Story. The episode introduces players to Season 21's debut Legend, a portal-hopping anomaly who goes by the name Alter. Narrated by Alter herself, Based On A True Story seems to imply that Alter is not from the same dimension as the other Legends (save for Wraith, who is also from another dimension). The episode reveals that Alter's parents are dead--and may have been murdered--but verifiable information is sparse in terms of her origins, and she seems to revel in the fact that she's an enigma--and a potentially unreliable narrator. Throughout the episode, Alter reveals she's a highly skilled fighter, and has been trained as an assassin by a mysterious organization. Physically, she resembles a sort of cyberpunk tiefling, complete with horn-like antennae on her head and a Doc Ock-esque mechanical arm sprouting out of her lower back like a tail. Though she does appear to be mostly human, her voice has a bit of an inorganic tone to it, similar to the voices of robotic Legends like Ash, Pathfinder, and Revenant. Continue Reading at GameSpot

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