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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Oswald

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans are no strangers to quirky characters from Disney's roster of animated films, but few would've expected to see the one and only Oswald show up. This blast from the past is only available to those who purchased the A Rift in Time expansion, and we'll tell you how to befriend him below. How to unlock Oswald in Disney Dreamlight Valley Unlocking Oswald requires you to own the A Rift in Time expansion. You'll then need to progress the expansion's main story to Act II: The Spark of Imagination. At this point, you can accept a new quest from Merlin called "The Sunken Ruins". Complete "The Sunken Ruins" to find yourself facing the rather in-depth quest "A Bit of Help From Your Friends", which itself branches into three time-consuming quests for Gaston, Rapunzel, and EVE. After completing these and working your way through the Ancient Ruins puzzles, you'll finally meet Oswald at the bottom of the ruins. Continue Reading at GameSpot

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