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Riddick: Furya Will Begin Filming This Summer

Vin Diesel's first appearance as Richard B. Riddick in 2000's Pitch Black helped establish him as a movie star, and led to the franchise's first sequel, The Chronicles of Riddick, in 2004. Since then, the pace of the franchise slowed down considerably, with only a single sequel, Riddick, following in 2013. But now, after an 11-year hiatus between films, Riddick is going back in front of the cameras this summer. Via Variety, the fourth film in the franchise, Riddick: Furya, is finally set to begin production in August. No other cast members have been announced for the film, but Diesel will be reunited with David Twohy, who wrote and directed the three previous Riddick movies. Diesel is producing the movie alongside Samantha Vincent, Thorsten Schumacher, Lars Sylvest, and Joe Neurauter. The story for the fourth film will finally bring Riddick to his homeworld, Furya, where he discovers that he is not the last of the Furyans. However, the other Furyans are locked in an ongoing battle with a monster for their survival. And if that plot sounds familiar, it's because Riddick also fought monsters in the first and third films. Continue Reading at GameSpot

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