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Star Wars Black Series Electronic Helmets Get Big Discounts At Amazon

It used to be that if you wanted to dress up as a Star Wars Stormtrooper, your options were limited to cheap masks unless you invested heavily in a set of 501st-approved armor or learned how to make your own. These days? While you'll still need a decent chunk of change for that iconic white armor, at least getting your hands on a helmet isn't complicated. For Star Wars Day, new Black Series electronic helmets are available on the Disney Store, and Amazon has limited-time Star Wars discounts on a few other popular helmets from Hasbro's collectible Black Series line. Let's start with the deals. If you're a fan of the look of the Artillery Stormtrooper in The Mandalorian, this voice-changing helmet is on sale for $79 (list price is $100) on May 4. Sticking with The Mandalorian, Axe Woves' weathered helmet is up for grabs for $87 (was $132)--this matches the best price ever for this particular Black Series helmet. Both helmets fit adults and feature adjustable hats. The Artillery Stormtrooper helmet, as mentioned, has a one-button press voice distortion feature. The Axe Woves helmet includes a built-in rangefinder with LED lights. Side note: You can also snag Darth Vader's lightsaber from Hasbro's Black Series line for over $100 off at Amazon. Star Wars Black Series Artillery Stormtrooper wearable helmet -- $79 ($100) Star Wars Black Series Axe Woves Mandalorian wearable helmet -- $87 ($132) Star Wars Black Series Artillery Stormtrooper Helmet Continue Reading at GameSpot

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