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What's Going On With Batman Games? | Spot On

It's hard to believe it's been nearly a decade since Rocksteady Studios concluded its Arkham trilogy with Batman: Arkham Knight. And yet, it's somehow even harder to believe that same studio released Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League just a few months ago, which unfortunately tells you just about everything you need to know about the poorly-received action shooter. Earlier this week, however, Camouflaj Games announced it had begun its own venture into Gotham City for a new Batman game, Batman: Arkham Shadow. The only catch? It's a Meta Quest 3 exclusive. With all this in mind, we're left with one, big question: is the golden age of Batman video games over? On this week's Spot On, Tam and Lucy discuss what's next for the Dark Knight, if VR is a smart move for his next installment, if Rocksteady can bounce back from Kill the Justice League, and if WB Montreal--the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins--could return to helm the series. The pair share their thoughts and delve into how Arkham Shadow could connect to Arkham Origins in this Batman-centric episode. Continue Reading at GameSpot

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