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X-Men '97 Prequel Comic Book Collection Up For Preorder At Amazon

X-Men '97 is nearing the end of its first season on Disney+, but if you can't get enough of Marvel's merry mutants, you should check out the comic book series that bridges the gap between the original animated series and this new revival. Preorders for the physical edition of the prelude X-Men '97 comic series are live now at Amazon for $16 ahead of its November 26 release. But if you can't wait that long, there is a way to start reading today. Preorder at Amazon Dubbed X-Men '97: Great X-Pectations and written by Steve Foxe--though Charles Dickens would probably be pleased with the allusion to his classic novel--the four-issue arc features art by Salva Espin and Matt Milla as well as eye-catching lettering by Joe Sabino. Continue Reading at GameSpot

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